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The roof is arguably the most important part of a house. It holds our house together and protects us from outside elements such as rain, pollen, snow, dust, etc. And because the roof is so important to protecting us, we put a lot of responsibility in the roofers who keep a roof over our heads. But, these roofers endure a lot to ensure our safety.

Roofs are inevitably going to be at a height. Whether a roofer is working on a one-story house or a six-story building, the risk of falling off and injuring oneself is always there. A fall can cause minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, and sprains or they can cause broken bones, hemorrhaging and other injuries that could be life-threatening.

Roofers also use a variety of toxic chemicals and hot tars that they have to be extra cautious with. The toxic fumes can cause health problems and if the hot tar touches their skin, it can easily burn them.

Another factor roofers deal with is the sun. We all know during the summertime the heat increases and can leave being outside unbearable. But, for roofers, they have to endure the sun’s rays and if they are not cautious they could develop sunburns or even skin cancer in the long term. They also have to make sure they stay hydrated as they can develop heat stroke or heat exhaustion which could be life-threatening.

After acknowledging all of this, you might think roofers working on top of the roof are the only ones at risk or getting injured. However, others are susceptible to some of the same dangers.

Roofers on the ground can easily get hurt if a roofer, tar, tool, etc falls onto the ground and they are in its path. Property is also prone to damage. If any of the above lands on property, such as a car windshield, it will most likely destroy it and cause repairs. Other property that can get damaged includes a/c units, pool pumps, and outdoor furniture.

And with a person getting injured or property getting damaged, as a roofing contractor you will be met with an upset person. And when someone is upset about getting hurt or their property destroyed, they will want to seek compensation for what they have endured. So, a lawsuit or claim is likely to be filed against you.

If you do not have roofing insurance, that compensation would have to come straight out of your pocket.

However, by getting insurance for roofers in Wyoming from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will be able to have the peace of mind knowing we have your back in the case an accident occurs.

Owning a roofing company is no easy task and one of the risks you can endure is getting a lawsuit or claim filed against your business. But with ACI on your side, we will help you every step of the way.

Why You Need Wyoming Roofers Contractor Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers the best roofing liability coverage in Wyoming.Our insurance will protect you from financial devastation if a lawsuit ensues.

At ACI, we know accidents are a part of life and we want to be there for you when they do happen. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared for anything that may come your way and with ACI’s affordable roofing liability insurance, we can do just that.

You may be wondering what we help cover. We will help cover any compensation you are due to pay, as well as any legal fees that come your way due to a lawsuit or claim. Those legal fees can include attorney feels, filing fees, court fees, and more. By covering these fees, it allows you to not go into a financial ruin.

Also, it is important to know what in some states it is illegal to do roofing contractor work without insurance. And if that does not convince you to get roofing insurance, we want to let you know that it is proven that people are more likely to choose a roofing business who has insurance over one that does not. So by simply investing in roofing insurance, you can see your business grow as more clients will put their trust into you knowing you are responsible.

Get the Right Wyoming Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we are the best of the best at what we do. After working with contractors for years, we have honed our ability to provide the best and most reliable service possible. Our extensive background in the contracting and insurance industries has allowed us to format the best insurance policies for roofers. We are sure we will be able to find and tailor the right insurance policy for you.

What kind of insurance are you looking for? We offer a variety of insurances including commercial, residential, new and existing construction, open roof and uninsured sub endorsements. We are positive we will have the insurance you are looking for!

At ACI, our number one priority is you and your company. We will get to know about your roofing business and you as well. By getting insurance with ACI, you become a part of our family and we treat you as such.

Give us a call today and our insurance professionals will get straight to work on getting to know you and finding the policy that fits all your needs. We are even offering down payments for as low as 20%!

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Wyoming roofing insurance today.

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